We Need To Talk About Depression

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Building a startup is like climbing a mountain and being told you’ll only get the gear you need–harnesses, helmets, bottled oxygen–as you struggle toward the peak. Long hours away from family, responsibility to investors and users, and the fear of failure are extremely stressful and they sometimes coalesce into something more severe.

I’m not a startup founder, but as a TechCrunch writer I’ve gotten to know many, some quite well, and I’ve seen how entrepreneurship can put even the most optimistic people at risk for depression.

That’s why I was glad to read a blog post this weekend from Y Combinator president Sam Altman about founders and depression. Psychological issues of every kind are stigmatized, but it seems even worse for people working in tech.

As Altman writes,

“There is a huge amount of pressure as a founder to never show weakness and to be the cheerleader in all internal and external situations. The…

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Beyonce dropped new album unannounced, internet exploded with excitement #justintelligent


Beyonce dropped new album unannounced, internet exploded with excitement #justintelligent

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Originally posted on NewsFeed:

When Beyoncé dropped 14 new songs and 17 new music videos completely unannounced last week, the internet exploded. For those demanding proof of said explosion, may we refer you to this awesome map that shows Beyoncé-related, around-the-world tweets that occurred in real time after the album drop? It’s kind of amazing. The East Coast of the US essentially gets consumed in bright purple light (used to indicate geotagged tweets), but Russia was underwhelmed.

Since the new album is all about the visuals — “I see music,” the great and powerful Bey said in a statement — the map seems pretty appropriate.

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