Networking… installation of 8-port switch

Today, I have to install an 8-port switch in our office. I have never tried installing this switch before because what I have setup before in our office is a 4 port router. I bought a D-Link DES-1008D 8-port 10/100Mbps Switch last Friday in PC Express Pasong Tamo Branch ( to be installed today in our office because I cannot do it last Friday since I have too many work to do. My job position is web designer but in our office, my function is a ONE-MAN IT TEAM. Why I said it’s a one-man IT Team? Because I’m doing all the things that an IT Team is doing. I’m the only person in our office to do all this task including, web designing, networking, setups and installation, virus removing, PC configuration, Accounting, Graphical and forms designing and other IT related work which sometimes I feel too much work in my part wherein our company has saved so much money because of this. I’m the technical department as well. In my work, I have never been absent not a single day because I feel that being absent for one day is like a loss of profit. The daily operation will be slowed down if not shutting the office because no one will do my job and no one can do my job in our office making them helpless. Well, so much for this work stories blah blah blah and let me continue the installation.

8-port Switch installation procedure:

  • Open the package and check the switch if it is complete – this must include the following as per the switch manual stated:
  • DES-1008D 10/100M Fast Ethernet Switch or should I say… the switch itself.
  • User Manual. It must be present even if you buy software, gadgets and anything that requires know-how.
  • Quick Installation Guide. This is like a tricky additional paper folded things that you will find here. I actually did not read this one because I feel I have know the things I need to know in the User Manual.
  • DC Power Adapter. Without this, the switch will never work because this will be the source of the power input to the switch.

Well, time to install. First, I put the adapter to the power source (which is the AVR) then I put the adapter to the switch (the other end of the adapter which will connect it to the switch) so that it can have a power. Second, I put the network cable from the router to the switch so that the switch can distribute the router to an 8-port switch. Third, I put all the other network cable from other pc to the switch so that I can have a connection to our LAN and Internet. Forth, it’s all done working! Total computer with internet: 5. it’s four computers and 1 laptop in total. I thought this is complicated but I was wrong. This is easier than I thought. Less than 20 minutes of installation process at zero perspiration. So, my installation is done and gladly, I can update this blog. Thanks for your time. I will post other things soon, I have to go home and relax because tomorrow will be a busy day. Good luck and enjoy 😉


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