Webhost frustration

I’m very disappointed and frustrated with our company’s webhost because our website was terminated in a reason which I myself didn’t even know for the fact that we have paid the whole year hosting fee and domain fee. I learned that our hosting and domain was cancelled because I’m going to upload some files needed by our client within the day. When I’m logging via ftp, I am wondering why I cannot log. I tried to visit our company website and to my surprise, it was terminated without valid reason at all. I quickly contacted our hosting firm and then he asked me if we have settled our billing and I told that it was already paid as of December 12, 2006 including the whole year fee for the hosting and domain. But that’s not the most frustrating part because I have to upload the internal site which I have created for the use of our client for browsing information. I have to send them the website as soon as possible before 6pm today, she phoned me also to know if it is possible for them to see the site because they urgently needed it.

Out of frustration, I have registered to a free host over the internet which I also use for a long time. By the way, I’m using free hosting and free domain for a very long time, let’s just say that from the day I learned how to design until now I’m still using free host. Thanks to them for providing such wonderful service and for the guarantee that it was uptime 24 x 7 unlike other paid hosting services which you already paid for it but sometimes it encounters downtime thereby interferring with the progress of your webdesigning life and frustrating you with the unreliable service.

I rather not mention the name of the our web host because I don’t want to ruin their business practice even though they ruin my day. I just hope that for all other web designer, web practitioners and web developers alike… think twice and know your web host well. I’ am looking for a more reliable web host available locally in our country. I have remove our current provider from the list of possible host of our next web project because of their unreliable hosting practice and unbusiness approach to their clients. I hope you wouldn’t end up being frustrated like me.

To web hosting firms and services alike out there, please be business friendly, reliable and costumer friendly. Please be reminded that an hour or a day of downtime will cost us costumers lose more money in a day than the cost of your hosting and domain fee for one year combined. To our current webhost, you have loss us an amount twice the annual fee of our domain and hosting fee combined. I hope you will change your attitude and business practice to your clients… I will not use your service in our new project and I will not renew our hosting and domain in your company after 2007. Thank you for being unreliable for 2 times within this year alone. Improve your services please.


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Blogger, Web / Creative Designer, Digital Marketer, Branding, Social Media Manager for Startups, Small Businesses and Growing Companies. Founder/CEO of Humane Strategic Consulting.

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