Street Def Jam – since 1995 | eternal

Redesigning our groupsite into a new one.

Street Def Jam – this is my dance group and also our friends group which has been existing since 1995 up to date. We have our long long history in the field of dancing which binds me and my friends since high school which we have treasured. We have our existing groupsite which I have done before when I’m just starting to learn about web publishing way back 2001.

Through the years, this group has emerged from just a simple high school dance group to a new kind of group which serve as our fun and friendly side to showcase our skills in dancing. We have danced from normal dance routine to guest dancers to other gathering such as intermission dance in dance contests, sports fest, coronation nights, debuts, political gatherings, fiestas, stage dance, dance parties and many others. Our group name have transformed from “Street Movers” to a new more mature, broad and exclusive group now known as the “Street Def Jam.” A humble beginning of some young energetic individuals who dance for fun, fame and glory. We are the Street Def Jam… since 1995 to eternal.

Our new groupsite:

Our previous groupsite:


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