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 google-english-ip.jpg = (English)

Google (English) IP – I am searching for a specific keyword on and to my surprise in one of the results, displayed on the address bar of my Firefox browser is the IP (Internet Protocol) of the English site. There are very rare cases in which a specific website will display the IP on the address bar because we know them by their domain name. In this case, it’s the with IP. You can try this to see if this will work, try typing: in the address bar of your browser and you will get (English). But who will care for this IP? Rather than typing that hard to remember IP, it’s better to type the domain name. I just want to share this accidental discovery of the (English) IP.


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10 thoughts on “ (English IP)”

  1. i was bored so i started pinging and found 2 other IP addresses. i never really thought about it, but i guess it’s kind of obvious a single server wouldn’t be able to handle the massive amounts of traffic of googling fanatics. maybe we should all band together and all use only a single IP address at a time to crash their servers one by one LOL

  2. LOL I wouldn’t want to do that… google is useful and better than the other website offering the same services. Also, they have tons of servers. Let’s just hope that it will not monopolize the entire web industry. 😉

  3. Thank you for finding this for me, as i travel the world i can not use google in many places, because google refuses to allow me to search in english!! why cant they give me .com if i type .com!!! well any way, thanks

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