Redesigning myDigitalBlog


I have revised the design of my blog in which is titled “myDigitalBlog | my.thought.speaks” with web address: Actually, myDigitalBlog ( was the first blogsite that I have created using my account in Google for the I’m not really into this blogging thing before but more on wanting to develop my own website but let’s face the fact that blogging have been a very interesting and powerful tool over the internet in the recent years whether be it corporate blog, personal, group or anything, it has evolved from just a typical diary-like personal hobby to a more popular and powerful form of online hobby. I have also decided create a new blog with which I now prefer to use because of the easier approach and more creative themes available than other blog providers. My other blogsite: “myMusic.myThoughts” with web address: has been my new approach in my online activity.

Redesigning myDigitalBlog – redesigning my first blogsite was not easy especially preserving links and customization that I have done. It’s not easy doing this kind of stuff because when I choose new template in blogger, all my codes will be lost. So, I copy my codes and then work out to change my theme into more green. Why green? I’m a type of person who prefers green over other color. I’m an environmental person wherein I wanted to see mountains, greeneries and other green landscapes because I felt that my eyes was being refreshed and breathing nature’s air was a more relaxing experience than being in a polluted city. After choosing a new theme, then I started to edit my code and insert those codes that I want to preserve and put some additional codes. Now, testing myDigitalBlog was another issue because I need to test my codes if it suits well in the design and properly integrated. Test, test, test! Satisfying me with the design was a crucial part because if you are designing, your hunger in seeing things will be much greater by using your mind into satisfaction. So after testing it and viewing in my browser countless times, finally I have finished my update. Next time, I want to know how to develop and write an article with creativity. I want to learn about creative writing. My writing really sucks!


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Blogger, Web / Creative Designer, Digital Marketer, Branding, Social Media Manager for Startups, Small Businesses and Growing Companies. Founder/CEO of Humane Strategic Consulting.

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2 thoughts on “Redesigning myDigitalBlog”

  1. Hehe. I think everyone (or almost) is blogging. Nagkalat na mga blogs sa tabi-tabi e. Pero masaya nga, as hobby lang pero when you are pressured na, it’s not fun anymore and you’ll just think of quitting. Minsan nafefeel ko yun e. Haha.

  2. Yeah. Agree ako dyan, minsan pag inde mo na maasikasong mag-blog parang nakakatamad pero it’s fun especially pag may mga bumibisita sa blogsite mo at nakakapag-exchange kayo ng ideas. Sharing kumbaga hehe 😉

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