Silverlight version 2.5 (White) – SE W300i Theme

I have created another theme which is same as the first theme that I have created but this time its white. This is the version 2.5 of the Silverlight theme that I have first created for the SonyEricsson W300i. This is also compatible for those using K310i. Why version 2.5? It’s version 2.5 because I have another version which is the version 2.0 and the only difference of this from the previous version (2.0 White) is that the soft key or key press contains diagonal lines and feather filters. I have tried to use it but I don’t like the effect of the feather so I modified it and also make it a little smaller in file size. You can download this theme at

Download Silverlight version 2.5

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9 thoughts on “Silverlight version 2.5 (White) – SE W300i Theme”

  1. .thm talaga un kc ready for use na yan sa sonyericsson. .thm is a theme file in sonyericsson. You can try downloading it and put in a sonyericsson phone. The complete link is a download link for the theme file. It’s not .htm (hypertext markup language) but .thm (theme) file. thanks for noticing the .thm hehehe you can try this file on ur sonyericsson phone provided it has the same display format as the k310i or w300i. Most of the theme files are compatible to other se phones provided it has the same resolution and display format.

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