Same Painful End by madshock

Same Painful End
By madshock //

I don’t really know what comes to you
I don’t even know what you’re up to
How can you possibly lie to me?
And betray a trust that’s been given by me
Did I done you something wrong?
Or did I just let you fool me all along?

I know you know how my story goes
How my heart breaks and how my world rumbles and shakes
You came and tried to rescue me
And thought me how wonderful life ahead could be

All those laughter’s, tears, funs and cry
How in a world you could possibly lie
I don’t understand why you have to deny
And say sorry for you don’t intend to hide

Until this day I really don’t know
Why you’ve been hurting me and hurting me alone
I thought we already talked about this
But here again you’re the one breaking this

I am not the one who really want goodbye
Nor I want a relationship which is full of lies
Now I’ve learned that it’s really gonna hurt if we say goodbye
But I’ve also learned that what’s more painful is if you know
That the one you love is making you the sweetest lie.

I’m not the one who really wants to give up
Nor the perfect one for you to live up
But it’s a different case if you’re the one ruining our relationship
That I’ve tried so hard to push through and taking care not to slip

In my wreckage you showed me a different world
A new life, a new hope, a new start
I take that path the you laid upon me thinking it was different
But what I did not know is that you’ll be giving me the same painful end.


Published by: madshock

Blogger, Web / Creative Designer, Digital Marketer, Branding, Social Media Manager for Startups, Small Businesses and Growing Companies. Founder/CEO of Humane Strategic Consulting.

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