Ning. Tale of the once-a-free-service-no-more.

Ning moves to paid service. This is very sad news and frustrating as well for those Ning users and creators. Imagine you have uploaded your songs, videos, blogs and photos and then you build your network and expand it telling your friends or even those who might be interested in the network to join and since you thought it was free you are comfortable that you can really use it for FREE without thinking that someday, somehow it will be free no more. Wtf! These free social networking sites tells you from the start that it’s free and now they will say it’s free no more and you have to pay or look at their pricing plan if you want to avail the service or retain your network. Well, guess what. Those free social networking sites are showing ads for every page that you click. In exchange for the free use of their service, your so-called Network or your so-called Page which they told you to be free are showing ads in exchange for the free use. They are already profiting from those ads. Now, Ning (yes, a once free service to create your own networking site) for all we know or should I say for all we thought that it’s free, will be offered with a pricing plan and a once-free-service-no-more.

I’m a bit frustrated by these developments, I don’t know if that will really help Ning to sell or to lure users but probably they will generate profit from it since all those who will use Ning or create their network will have to pay for the service. I’m just wondering if these will be another Imeem scenario. I hope they made the right move for their company since there are many users and creators who already sad to say built and trust their once-in-a-lifetime free service. I just hope that Google will develop its own free service wherein users can create their own social network. There are many products that users want to use for free even with ads. There are also some services that I want to see on the web but sadly, those net giants don’t realize that users want it. They can’t use it because nobody’s offering it for free. Ad revenue in the internet is unlimited, it’s just up to you on how to use it, maximize it and benefit from it.

The moment I read Ning announcement, I was like “Damn, I shouldn’t have created one” and “F#ck! That’s what I’m talking about these free services. They will someday terminate it.” Now, what can we do but to migrate and find other sites offering free or just pay for it? Well, here are my few words for you Ning, I just hope you made the right decision that will not lead to your downfall. You could’ve retain those who already built their network and just offer the pricing plan for those who want to create new networks in July. Now, users of your free service will have to migrate and Google over the net to find other alternatives. Thanks for your obsolete free service which I have enjoyed for quite sometimes and goodluck for your pricing plan. This is so frustrating. Absurd and misleading. Free? Oh yeah, it’s free until July. Thanks anyway.


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