Pinoy Hiphop Superstar presents… PEACE. The Album (a double-disc mixtape) FREE DOWNOAD!

Pinoy Hiphop Superstar presents… PEACE. The Album (a double-disc mixtape) FREE DOWNOAD!

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Download Disc Two (Black):
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Disc One:
Disc Two:
Disc One Track Listing:

  1. Kapayapaan – Rapnophobia Clan
  2. Anghel Sa paligid – Kopanang Kulapo (‘707 Proof)
  3. Kapayapaan – Angelo Pimpnoy
  4. Barrio Streets – Unique Umali feat. Louwena Umali (The Entity EP)
  5. Heal the world – Pikaso, D-coy, Jazze, E of K247 (So Fresh, upcoming album)
  6. Hangat Maaga Pa – Eazy feat. MikeyMikeYhomen (Pinoy Hiphop Compilation)
  7. Liwanag,pag-asa by Slipy-I
  8. Kapayapaan (v.2) – Rixbagsik
  9. Pilipino ako – Miiszsasha
  10. Pagsusumikap – Microphone Fiendz
  11. Anong Balita – Strazy, Pawwie, Jphee & Hydro
  12. Pinoy Hiphop – JC Revelus
  13. Harang – Dreh feat. Aziatik
  14. D Return Mix – Maria Herrera
  15. Pilipinas – Baticanozz
  16. Mithi – MC Cali One, Brownchild, B-Rent feat. Curse One
  17. Philippines Stand Up – Chicoy feat. Pikaso (Turf City to City compilation mixtape album)
  18. Goldendays – Teekaz

Disc Two Track Listing:

  1. Ako ay Hiphop – Koponang Kulapo (‘707 Proof)
  2. Araw ng Beterano – Mike Swift feat. Quest
  3. Magkaisa – Masta-G
  4. Magkakapatid – Dudeley Jab
  5. Pinoy Hip-Hop – Eazy (Pinoy Hiphop Compilation)
  6. Letter to the President – J-Myx feat. Bryan of PPC (Love Me or Hate Me Mixtape)
  7. Bad Mind – Cyrus Belches
  8. May Pagbabago Pa Ba – TooLate
  9. Kahit Na – Don Enrico
  10. Never Give Up – Microphone Fiendz
  11. Halo Halo – 8th Messenger (The Resistance – Pamilia Dimagiba)
  12. Sumabay sa Hangin – Prime Suspect feat. Dello
  13. Kapit Sa Patalim – Verzikhulo
  14. Bandera ng Pinas – Bobby’Yo (BOBBY’YO! Mixtape)
  15. Dito Sa ‘tin – Rasty-M16 feat. Rhyme and Mr Spokesman of D.O.W.
  16. Tayo’y Magkaisa – Shady
  17. Cola – Higher
  18. Talagang Pinoy – Jason Haft

Bonus Track: TRONO – Bonzai One feat. Bry

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