Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. Thank you for innovation and inspiration.

For those people who are into technology especially computers and gadgets, one of the most popular names that will come to your mind aside from Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Jerry Yang, Michael Dell, and the likes would be Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is one of the best CEO of all time, spear-heading his company Apple Inc. and revolutionizing technological trend with the introduction of Machintosh, Mac Book, iPod, iPhone and iPad. He also is one of the persons who inspired me in creating designs and adopting minimalism with his minimalistic taste in design which is evident and you can see in Apple products. Yes, that clean, simple  neat design often in the color of white, black and gray without so many colors but leaving a professional impression to the one who use and sees it.

Today, news broke about his death. He resigned as a CEO of Apple some couple of months back due to health reasons but his sudden death sends waves across the world. His death was never expected. It was a life too valuable. A person so great, a person who touched lives, inspires people and sets new technological trend and advancement using exciting gadgets and devices that we use in our lives to enjoy our daily ways and live our life more comfortably and exciting.

As he travels his path towards his rightful place, I would like to salute and give to you my biggest thanks and kudos for all the innovations that you’ve given us. I would like to express my gratitude for the inspiration that you have left with us especially in the field of Information Technology and Computers whether it would be a Web Designer/Developer, Computer Engineer, Industrial Engineer and the likes,  you have given us so much that we can cherish and use with our daily lives. You have set a standard. Thank you for the Machintosh, Mac Book, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple would never be the same without you. Safe journey Mr. Steve Jobs.

—madshock (

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